"Buzz The Tower" 5min, 5 x 15/30 sec

Pick an energy system, think either assault bike, versa climber, or sprint. The only requirement is that it has to have a metric to value output. Such as watts, meters, calories, etc. For this description calories will be used. I wouldn’t choose rowing or a modality that requires a build up of momentum since sprints are only 15 seconds long.

  1. Perform 5 minutes at a gradually increasing intensity until 8/10 for your last minute. Note your calories .

  2. Hold a deep squat stretch for 45 sec, this should feel restorative not like a stress position.

  3. Take your total calories for the 5 minutes and divide by 5. For example 55 calories, would be 11.

  4. Perform an all out sprint for 15 sec with the goal of hitting the number from step 3, 11 calories in this case, rest 30 sec. repeat for a total of five times.


    TOP GUN- 90-100% (ex 11) your step 3 number

    Wingman- 80% of the step 3 number

    You’ve lost that loving feeling- <80%

Buzz The Tower.JPG
You’re not going to be happy unless you’re going Mach 2 with your hair on fire.