To Juice or Not To Juice? And Sample Meals

If you like juicing that's one thing, however, do not replace a whole meal for juicing. I find one of the key components of successful fat loss is getting hunger under control. The act of chewing provides a satiety signal to your brain. A large part of this how the sense of smell is connected to the brain sending a signal of fullness. The longer the food is in your mouth the stronger the signal from the olfactory sense to the brain. If you are having a meal outplay a game of trying to be the last one to finish your meal. 

Also, nutrients from juice pass quicker through the colon. You won't absorb as much of the nutrients hence your body might still be sending hunger cues to your brain. Because although from a calorie standpoint you might not need food. Your body feels starved. 

There is a lot we don't know about fat-loss and appetite. We can see many strong clues in evolution. For example, feelings of fullness often do not kick in until 30 minutes after a meal. Rewind 15 thousand years, which in evolutionary terms is a snap of the fingers, and if you were foraging for food and you found a food source it would make sense to gorge yourself to get as much energy (calories) as possible. So, attempt taking breaks in meals. Especially if this is a more enjoyable one you have saved for later in the day or post-workout. 

Sample Meals:

-Place 1/2 or 2/3 cup of instant oats in a Tupperware with one scoop of dymatize casein protein. Casein is superior to whey for daily meals & snacks because of it's slow absorption. Whey is great for post-workout IF you are not concerned with total calories. There is evidence to suggest whey shake is more easily turned into carbohydrate through the process of gluconeogenesis because of its rapid absorption and insulin promoting response. CALORIES 280, 330 depending on if 1/2 or 2/3 of a cup of oats is used. PREP TIME 45 seconds. 

- Broccoli 3 cups and 4oz chicken breast. Frozen vegetables are perfectly fine and in many ways, the flash-frozen nutrient content is superior to that of "fresh" but left on the shelf for a longer period. CALORIES 235 

-One cup egg whites and 0.5 cup oats. Add sea salt and cracked black pepper for taste. cook the oats with very little water in the microwave for about 90 sec, then pour in the egg whites. Cook for an additional 1-2 min. by the way carton egg whites are pasteurized so it's safer if they are a little undercooked. CALORIES 275 PREP TIME 5 min

-1 x cup non-fat greek yogurt 1-2 x scoops Powdered Peanut Butter CALORIES 150-200 add sweetener or nutmeg, cinnamon as desired.