Tempo Abbreviation Explained

x/x/x/x will be written as such meaning eccentric/ pause in stretched/ Concentric/ Pause Shortened, this applies when a tempo is specified. If there is no temp specified default to slow and controlled for any accessory and especially single joint exercise. For compound lifts if there is no tempo specified default to lower the weight under control and strong out of the bottom.

Why tempo? My goal when programming for you is to manipulate variables and work with intent to get a result. Weight, sets, and repetitions are the most obvious of those but tempo is a crucial one as well (as well as exercise selection). 40lbs lifted 5 times for 1-sec down, 1-sec up, is a completely different amount of work that 40lbs lowered slowly under control, paused for 3-seconds, and then slowly lifted back up for 3-sec.

Some reasons to add tempo work include, but are not limited to pumping blood flow to tendons, allowing more work to be done with less amount of weight, the feeling of “owning the weight” before moving in explosively for athletes. Also, tempo as both been show anecdotally and in studies to be an incredible way to program for fat loss.